Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Books About Love for Children

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Foxy in Love
Foxy has a hard time getting things right, so when he sets out to show Emily how much he loves her, he struggles, especially when she keeps talking about flowers, balloons, and  more.  In the end Foxy helps Emily to learn that it's all about the people you love, not just the things.

I Couldn't Love You More
This book addresses the beautiful and unlimited love that Jesus has for us.  It provides a great way for parents to talk to their children about spiritual matters in a way that's just right for little ears and hearts.

Yummiest Love
THE most precious book about the love between a momma and her baby.  It covers all those things that truly touch a momma's (and daddy's) heart... the sweet clean smell while in pajamas, the snuggles, and hugs.  The book bumps Munsch's "I'll Love You Forever" off of the number one spot in my favorite book list.

A Special Kind of Love
How can a dad share the love of his child when words just aren't his forte?  This book shows how a father, unable to truly communicate his feelings to his child, instead finds another way to do it.... by building amazing contraptions for them to play with.  (This book got me teary.)

God Gave Us Love
This collection of books by Lisa T. Bergren has to be one of my favorites.  I love how she addresses various topics from a gentle, faith-filled place.  In this book, readers see Little Cub and his Grandpa discuss love.  The topic isn't shallow, either.  Even how it is we should and can love others, even when their actions seem unlovable is a great message for little readers.   

In his standard style, author/illustrator Todd Parr, uses brilliant colors and simple illustrations to share a loving message that no matter what the occasion or mood, love still remains.

The Invisible String
This book is quite poignant (and tear-jerking for me) as its message explains the bonds of love, that "invisible string" that ties us to those we love, no matter where they are.

I Love You, Stinky Face
Humorously written with funny illustrations, a little boy asks his mom many questions in exploration of her love for him.  Would she love him if he was this or that?  She answers with equally playful answers. 

Ten Things I Love About You
Rabbit wants to make a list of all the things he loves about Pig.  But Pig is not at all cooperative, a fact that only gives Rabbit more to add to his list.  This book is a great testament to finding joy and appreciation in our loved ones, even if their behaviors aren't the ones we're looking for.

You Know What I Love?
I don't know of another book that so beautifully and properly explains the love between a little girl and her doll.  The preciousness of this books takes me back to my days of doting on my cabbage patch dolls as it looks at the love they share from the doll's point of view.

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