Thursday, June 23, 2016

Biker, Biker: A Game to Teach Motorcycle Awareness to Children

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Car games with children can be fun.  But what if they could save a life also?  I recently saw a meme on Facebook about teaching your children to count motorcyclists instead of Volkswagon Bugs. I will say that I do usually look out for bikers while we are out and about.  But that's simply because I always remember this story I was told about my grandma.  She was driving down the road and there was a motorcyclist in front of her.  She commented that she should keep her distance in case he wiped out.  And guess what happened just a bit farther down the road? Yep.  He wiped out. And because she was farther back and was aware of his presence, she was able to avoid an accident.  That story pops in my head just about every time I see a motorcyclist.

Then one day, about a week later, the inspiration for a fun car game for kids popped into my head. Remember that basketball game, HORSE, that we played as kids?  For every basket you made, you got a letter in the word "horse".  The game Biker, Biker works the same way.  For every motorcyclist you see, you earn a letter in the word "biker".  A few rules we've made are that only one person can get a letter off of each biker.  And when you see someone riding a motorcycle, you have to say "biker, biker".  So far the score is Bear: B-I-K and Momma: B-I. 

It's amazing how much more aware Bear looks out for motorcyclists now. I can only hope that this awareness carries over into his driving years.

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