Friday, July 8, 2016

Small Spaces Family Wall Map with At Home Stores

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This post is sponsored by MomSelect and At Home Stores as part of their Back to Campus Campaign.

Distance is hard on family and friends sometimes.  Often enough, it seems, those we love the most are farthest away.  We've got loved ones spread all across the country.  Sometimes it's hard  for the little kids to understand that the reason why we only talk to certain people on the phone and the computer is because they live so far away.  We recently got an opportunity to work with At Home stores and I found the perfect item at our local store to help illustrate this to Bear {7 yrs}.

Bear's room is pretty small. With the window, the door, the closet, and the Minecraft camo accent wall, there's little wall space left to set up anything big in regards to displaying family photos. But we found a vinyl wall decal of the United States that pretty closely matches the colors in his room and is the perfect size.  After we put it up, we used sticky flags to denote where all our family and friends are.

As soon as our photo order comes in, we'll post up pics of all our family and close friends right underneath. It's such a great way to decorate Bear's small room with an item that is cute and can be made personal!
I'm thinking that I'll have to make another trip to our At Home store with Pip {20 yrs} so she can pick out a few things to refresh her dorm room look for the start of her Sophomore year. You can find a dorm room move-in checklist and check out the fun, fresh new 2016 Campus Collection here. The  Campus Collection has tons of darling, whimsical, and funky items to decorate not just dorm rooms, but kid's rooms, living spaces, and the rest of the house, too. With their affordable prices and wide selection, I could easily spend hours in our store and redecorate the whole house!  See what I mean?

We'll be new house shopping next summer. You bet your socks I'm going to be back to our At Home store to set up our new home!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of MomSelect and At Home Stores.
I received compensation for this opportunity, however, all opinions are mine.
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