Friday, August 26, 2016

Sneak Preview of What's Coming in September

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The Back to School season has always been refreshing for me.  It's a great time quasi-mid year to start new routines and get back to how I *wish* we were living.  With Bear back in school and the craziness of summer behind us, I'm focusing on what I can be doing at home with Sunny {27 months} to make sure that our days at home have a routine and that I'm parenting the way I'd like to be.  She was quite sad when her Bear got to start school without her.  So I told her that we'd do school at home.  She was quite excited about the idea.  I wanted to share what's coming with all of you in hopes that it might help some of you fill your days as well!

We are starting what I call "Playschool"... Not quite all day free play and not quite Preschool (just yet).  Our Toddler Playschool will center around reinforcing the knowledge of colors, learning shapes, letters, and numbers, and exploring themes that are interesting and relevant to a 2 year old.  I asked Sunny what she wanted to learn about and then expanded on what I already know her interests are.  After that, I just filled in the blanks with topics that offer a lot of expansion and learning opportunities.
I'm so excited to share these toddler lesson plans with you... starting on September 2md. The wait is tough for me, but I'm tweaking the books, songs, and activities that I'm suggesting. Each week will have activities that are centered around a theme, letter, and color. I'll post on Fridays so that if you want to follow along with us in our playschool journey, you have the weekend to gather things.  Here is a little sneak peek of the blank lesson plan template...
I'll be sharing on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #toddlerplayschool. Make sure you're following me so you can join in the fun!

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