Sunday, January 1, 2017

Refreshing Your Family, Home, & Heart for a New Year: Parenting and Homemaking Goals for January

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There's something about the New Year that instills so much hope in me. I feel energized, invigorated, and as if all the things I feel I've failed at during the past year are suddenly attainable again.  AND! I'm a list maker... Are you? Ever make a list just so you can revel in crossing stuff off? LOL Lists are how I best motivate myself, so I've created a list of all the things I want to accomplish in January.
Refreshing My Family
  • Make a commitment for a family outing, activity, etc at least once a month. Sit down together as a family and plan what we will do each month.
  • Schedule a mother/son date night with Bear.
  • Set the goal of each member does a random act of kindness for one other family member at some point during the month.
  • Create a list of family expectations and post them.
  • Commit to saying something positive to my children before addressing their undesired/negative behavior.
  • Try to have a solo meal with my husband once a month.
Refreshing My Home
  • Go through each room and downsize. If I don't remember when I used it last, it can go.
  • Deep clean. Ceilings to baseboards.
  • Make a list of needed repairs and/or desired updates for each room. Plan when they will be done and adjust budget accordingly.
Refreshing My Heart
  • Develop a word of the month.  For January, I'm going to focus on the word "simplify", as I want to cut down on the distractions of my phone and our
  • Start the Joyce Meyers Daily Devotional.
  • Make it through Crazy Love.
  • Get back to crafting headbands for my Zella Roo Designs mini-business. I don't make much money off of it... But my joy comes in the creative release I get from making darling hairpieces and getting to see pictures of all the little cuties in wearing them.

I've banded together with a few amazing bloggers to share our monthly goals all year long.  Maybe you can find some inspiration in what they're aiming for here:
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