Monday, February 6, 2017

Build a Lovebug Valentine's Day Game for Kids {free printable}

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching! And with it comes those super fun classroom parties.  Here's a super easy free Valentine's Day party game printable that you can use. We used it last year, for Bear's first grade party and it was a hit!
To prep, I printed the cards out on white cardstock.  Honestly, I was running behind, so cutting all the pieces out was *killing* me. I ended up using large googly eyes and 1.5" black pipe cleaners to replace the eyes and antennae on the printable. 

Playing is simple. Each child takes a turn rolling the dice.  They then place the corresponding item on their lovebug per the numbers on the lovebug key.  The first student to finish building their lovebug won a larger piece of candy. 
Click the link below to download 


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