Thursday, May 11, 2017

25 Summer Activities and Free Printable Calendar {free printable}

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It's about to be summer vacation and I'll be honest in that I'm panicking a little bit. This is the first summer that both kiddos have been old enough to do activities pretty much all day long. I'm starting prep early, using a hard copy calendar to plan activities for each month. See below for activity ideas and to get a free summer calendar printable to plan activities for you and your kiddos.

The days and weeks of summer can go by slowly if you don't have an activity list to fall back on to keep everyone occupied.  Here is a list of some of the activities that you can plan to create a fun and memorable summer.
Sign the kiddos up for swim lessons at your pool or YMCA.
Check to see if nearby community colleges offer college for kids.
Take a tour of your police or fire station.
Collect old blankets for a local animal shelter.
Have a picnic with friends at a park.
Make your own pizza at a pizza place.
Attend summer programming at your local library.
Decorate your own pottery at a paint-and-bake pottery store.
Go on a scavenger hunt at the zoo.
Get some friends together and have a bubble party.
Check out your local museum and the programming they have to offer.
Have some cool fun at the splash pad.
Go for a hike at a local state park.
Visit local stores and tape quarters to the trinket machines for other kids to find.
Set up a lemonade stand and raise money for a charity.

Sign up to sponsor a child with The Raining Season and skype with them monthly.
Collect canned foods for your local food shelter.
Attend Vacation Bible School at your church for some fun, spiritual activities.
Check with your local high school for summer sports clinics.
Participate in a Flat Me project and watch your Flat Me tour all around the country.

Tie-dye t-shirts for a family get together or the Fourth of July.
Collect socks, underwear, and stuffed buddies for a local foster care program.
Take a tour of a local factory or food processing center.
Sign up for free summer bowling and hit the lanes to have some fun.
Do a postcard exchange with friends around the country to get mail every week

Now. Here are the calendars that I created to plan our summer activities. Click the link to download them for you own planning purposes.

Click the link below to download 

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