Thursday, July 6, 2017

Moments Matter: July Photo Prompts for Moms

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I'm late in posting this. Life has gotten in the way of this site lately. With losing our Baby Bean and other issues I'm not yet ready to make public, I've been lost. My days have been spent adrift, trying desperately to stay afloat, but feeling as though I'm drowning. Two months ago, I started the Moments Matter monthly photo challenge.  I wanted to focus more on the little things that made up our days... Give myself prompts for the days that were tough. Even if I don't always post the photos due to time, I think they've given me pause to reflect every day. So I'm sharing it with you all in case you want to join in.  As moms, sometimes we aren't always in pictures, so I encourage you to be in the shot as much as possible.
There are several ways you can join me in this project:
  • Use the photo prompts to capture moments in your day that fit them.  Join me on Instagram and share them or keep them for just you and your family to enjoy.
  • Use the topics to hone your photography skills.
  • You can also use the prompts as inspiration for activities for you to do with your children. 
  • If you can’t participate every day, no worries.  Just post when the prompts speak to you and relate to the moments in your day.
  • Share whatever photos you like with the tag #momentsmatter to share the special moments in your day.
  Here are the photo prompts for this month:

Don't forget to use the hashtag #momentsmatter when you share!  See you on Instagram!

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