Monday, August 14, 2017

25 Back to School Photo Ideas

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One of my favorite things about the back to school season is seeing all of the creative ways that my friends celebrate the first day of school with their kiddos. There are so many ingenious ways to commemorate the back to school season. Here are some examples of memorable first day of school photos.
So many creative mommas out there. Here are what they've come up with...
Paint a chalkboard number and use it as a photo prop.
Create chalk art that depicts what grade your child is going into.
Take a first Day of School picture using this printable.
Take a picture of the first and last days of school to compare the changes in your child.
Grab a shot of your kiddo under the school's marquee.

Grab these photo booth printables and have a fun, impromptu photo shoot.
Don't focus all your photos on faces, take a few shots of the elements of the first day.
Set some extra room in your picture and add important stats about your child.
Take a pic with this chalkboard background and ruler height measurer. I'm in love with this!
Snag a photo of your child holding a picture of themselves on the first day of school last year.
Make funny signs for your child to hold during the first day.
Grab some props and create a "bookworm" photo shoot.
Take a picture of your kiddo with their bestie or sibling on the school playground.
Draw out a large picture of your child's grade and have them pose in it.
Skip the typical and go for an authentic photo shoot that captures your child's spirit.
Create a chalkboard with your child's name, grade, and other important stats.
If you can't take a picture of your child in their classroom, snap a photo of their backpack.
Have your child write their name (as best they can) and take a picture of them with it.
Capture your little (or not so little) one walking down the hall towards their classroom.
Multiple kiddos? Label the stairs with their grades for a group shot.

Take a picture of your kiddo in front of a school bus with a handwritten sign of the school year.
Grab a shot of your child before and after their first day.
Line up multiple kids in height order and take a picture. Interesting how the order may change.
Make a t-shirt with your child's graduation year on it and snap a picture of them in it every year.

How do you capture your child's first day back to school?

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