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I never know how much to tell people about myself. 
 Will I say too much? Will I not say enough??
So here are just a few things until
I figure out what I'm supposed to say.

1 My name is Andie, but I'm also known as :
Mom, Mommy, Momma, Maaaahhhmmmmm!!! and Hey, Honey?
2 I'm a daughter of The King.
3 I'm a 30-something mom who loves God.
4 I'm a supporter of a woman's right to breastfeed wherever her baby is hungry.
5 I have a teen heart-daughter, Pip, a 7.5 year old son, Bear, and a 27 month old daughter, Sunny.
6 I have been with my amazing husband for 14 years.
7 I'm currently working on degrees in early childhood education and psychology.
8 I'm a NASCAR fanatic.
9 I play the flute, the water bottle maracas, and pot/pan drums proficiently.
10 Worship music from Casting Crowns or Lincoln Brewster often fills our home...
11 But we also like to get down and boogie to The New Kids on the Block.
12 I love The Replacements movie  "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory...is forever."
13 I use plastic silverware in restaurants.
14 I used to love unicorns and Rainbow Brite.
15 I still love Rainbow Brite.
16 Chocolate is my enemy.
17 Yoga pants are my best friend.
18 I have 8 tattoos and 3 piercings.
19 My blog was named after attributes of two of my kids. (Bear uses crayons, Pip has freckles )
20 The Star-Spangled Banner usually makes me cry.
21 The Creation Story amazes me.
22 I used to be a prison guard.
23 I've spent so many hours with the Golden Girls they're pretty much my grandmothers.
24 I met my best friend online.
25 I am so grateful that God has put me where He has in my life....

You can also get a peek of me in my intro vlog

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